Manufacturers: Sapim, SM

Stainless spokes for bicycles

Cut-to-size stainless bicycle spokes, which are selected and laced in an appropriate way, are a guarantee of safety, but also of maximum performance.
Today, in the era of modern technology and the spread of stainless steel, there is practically no problem with the selection of spokes with appropriate parameters.

Customized spoke length

In order to offer our customers maximum freedom, we offer stainless steel bicycle spokes cut to the customer's request. We can make spokes from 40 to 300 mm long. As part of our offer personalization, we also offer powder coating, which allows you to create your own color composition. The tools in our machine park enable precise and robust painting, which means no chipping and long life. Powder paints used to paint stainless bicycle spokes are certified and safe.

The most popular spokes in our shop

We select our assortment exclusively on the basis of proven and reliable manufacturers. That is why the Belgian brand SAPIM with its two flagship models of spokes: SAPIM Leader and SAPIM Leader black had to be in our shop. These models guarantee exceptional quality of spokes and nipples and enable their right tension.
We offer a full range of stainless steel bicycle spokes, as well as moped and motorcycle spokes from 2 to 4.4 mm thick. The threads of all our spokes are made on specially selected thread rolling mills. A good marking helps to choose the perfect spokes. In our products, we make sure that the length of the nipple, the diameter of the head and flange and the length of the cut are precisely described. For each type of spokes we also write whether the price applies to a single piece or a set.

What will be the right spoke length?

When selecting the length of stainless steel spokes, we recommend, of course, to use the precise calculation of our spoke length calculator. This continuously improved tool takes into account a number of factors in calculating the desired length between the hub and the rim.