Manufacturers: Sapim, SM

Spokes for electric bicycles

Spokes in an electric bicycle perform the same tasks as in an ordinary bicycle, but the lacing will be different than in a normal wheel. In a motorized wheel, spokes are subjected to much greater forces than on a traditional bike, so it is sometimes necessary to tighten the spokes up to three times.

How do I fit the spoke length to the wheel on an electric bike?

To check if the spoke length you chose is the right one, please use our spoke length calculator. By analyzing the individual parameters of the motor and rim, the tool precisely determines the optimal spoke length that will give the wheels stability and improve performance.

In our shop, the spoke lengths are tailor-made, so you should not be guided by the parameters for other vehicles or suggestions. It is better to check your specific dimensions. Our electric bicycle spokes are manufactured by the Belgian company SAPIM and the Czech company SM. The choice of such manufacturers guarantees the highest quality and extended life of spokes. No matter what type of lacing you prefer, we will help you choose the right spokes for it.

What spokes do we offer?

The most popular and best performing spokes in various conditions are SAPIM Leader and SAPIM Leader black. The Belgian SAPIM is a brand that has specialized in the production of spokes and nipples for over 100 years. The Leader is an INOX 18/2 steel spoke. 64 pieces of the popular length of 260 mm weigh less than 430 g. The parameters of SAPIM spokes, improved over the years, allow for the best performance and maximum safety and comfort of cycling.

Our spoke thicknesses are 2.3mm, 2.6mm and 3.0mm. Additionally, we offer the possibility of powder coating of spokes in different colors. The painting conditions we offer allow us to cover the spokes with powder paint in a precise manner and obtain an aesthetic and scratch- and chip-proof coating. Cut-to-size and reinforced SAPIM stainless steel spokes with POLYAX nipples are recommended for electric bikes. Their threads are made on special thread rolling mills.