Stainless spokes for motorcycles

Stainless spokes for motorcycle wheels from 3 to 4.4 mm thick. Made of stainless steel with pure brass or nickel-plated nipples. The quality is confirmed by the Czech brand SM. We offer professionally made sets of stainless spokes with nipples between 16 and 20 mm long.

What are motorcycle spokes?

Like in a bicycle, motorcycle wheel spokes are thin wires joining the hub with the rim. Ideally, they are made of good quality stainless steel and their thickness and length is closely matched to the needs of the wheel. The combination of the low weight of the spokes with their appropriate strength guarantees maximum performance and safety. Improperly selected spokes, lack of adjustment or incorrectly tensioned rims can result in damage during overload. Therefore, it is recommended to check the spoke tension regularly and to adjust spokes with a properly selected key.

What our stainless motorcycle spokes look like

In our offer you can find spokes manufactured by the Czech company SM. These are stainless spokes for motorcycles of high quality which is confirmed by numerous tests carried out by the manufacturer. The material of our spokes allows them to withstand the overloads typical of motorcycle models, which spokes are dedicated to, while maintaining the necessary flexibility. The length of the stainless spokes for motorcycles is selected according to the customer's order, depending on the motorcycle model or according to the spoke pattern sent to us. The thickness of our stainless spokes for motorcycles is 3, 3.4, 3.9 and 4.4 mm. The threads of our spokes are made on thread rolling mills, which guarantees maximum breaking strength.

Our brass and nickel-plated nipples are described in detail, including the diameter of the head and flange, the length of the nipple itself and the size of the key cut.

Additional services related to the selection of stainless spokes for motorcycles

In addition to a wide range of stainless spoke sets, we offer our customers the possibility of powder coating the spokes in different colors. Painting is carried out in professional conditions which guarantee high quality of paint coverage, and bends are made according to individual customer specifications.