Stainless spokes 2.25mm - 40pcs

21,00 €

Spoke length (mm)

Cut to proper size, stainless steel bike spokes with a wire thickness of 2.25mm with nipple for electric bicycle.

D - nipple length - 13mm
G - dimple diameter - 4,3mm
K - flange diameter - 6,3mm
Z - key indent - 3,7mm
B - indent length - 5mm
Nypples fit the standard holes in the rims of 4.5mm

The thread of spokes 2,6 / 0,45mm is rolled on a special rolling mill to provide maximum tensile strength.

The length of the spokes is made to order.
We can make spokes with lengths from 40 mm to 310 mm.

You can use the length calculator to calculate the spokes length.

The price is for 40pcs spokes with nipples.